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Legal Terms



1.1. This Website is maintained by STP for the amusement, information and education of its users. The brands, commercial names, insignias, graphs, drawings, designs and any other property appearing on this Website, as well as its contents, are legally protected under legal provisions regarding industrial property and copyrights. Accordingly, they cannot be used, modified, copied, reproduced, transmitted or distributed in any way, except with the express written consent of STP.

1.2. Contents protected by the above provisions include texts, images, illustrations, drawings, designs, software, music, sound, photographs and videos, and any other means or way of contents disclosure.

1.3. Users' ideas, opinions, suggestions and comments spontaneously sent without prior request regarding products, services or marketing or other plans shall be freely used by STP when deemed convenient for the development of new products or marketing plans. The above, under the understanding that such communications are not of confidential nature and are not protected by any regulation regarding copyrights or intellectual property. Accordingly, the sender of such information cannot claim indemnification or participation by reason of the lawful use thereof by STP In the event the information is protected by copyright or intellectual property regulations, its spontaneous remittance to STP shall be deemed as a total and irrevocable waiver of the moral and property rights and privileges granted by such regulations.

In any event, regardless of the fact that the information supplied is protected or not, such information shall become and remain the property of STP, and STP shall not treat it as of confidential nature; the sender of the information shall not file any claim, in court or outside it, because of the use given to such information; and the user shall not be entitled to any payment whatsoever by virtue of the use of the information so supplied.


2.1. The site's materials and technical components may include errors and technical failures; consequently, every user shall visit the site at its own risk. STP or any third party involved in the design, administration and updating of the site, shall not be liable for any damage suffered directly or indirectly by users of the site, or as a consequence of accessing or using the Website. STP does not guarantee uninterrupted or error-free access to its Website or absence of viruses or any other harmful component.

STP shall not be liable for damages suffered by using its Website caused by the use of or lack of access to the site or any link thereof, the site's performance failures, errors, omissions, interruptions, operation or transmission delays and line failures, among other circumstances.

2.2 STP carefully selects its site's links to other Internet sites; however, it shall not be liable for the contents or technical aspects thereof, particularly, considering that contents vary from time to time. Accordingly, access to such sites through STP. Website shall be at the user's own risk and liability.

2.3 STP does not guarantee, expressly or implicitly, the contents incorporated into this Website, nor its functional elements. Specifically, STP does not guarantee that:
Contents are of a certain level or scientific quality or useful for certain purposes or error free.
The site's functional elements do not present interruptions or are error free.
Errors will be corrected.
The site's server or those of its links, through which the site or other sites are made available, are free of viruses or other damaging components.
The results of your visit and of the activities performed as a result of your visit will be totally satisfactory.

2.4. The following are the policies established by STP for use for its chat rooms and discussion forums in order to avoid damage to the company's image, the users of its website, or any other third party. Specifically, users must not:

Make inappropriate use of applications with illegal purposes.
Engage in violation, destruction or use of third party's information without proper authorization
Use of the company's name or of technological platforms supplied by it to distribute commercial messages or unsolicited mail (spam)
Use of the company's name or of technological platforms supplied by it to post or disclose pornography, child pornography, racist material, threats of any kind, verbal abuse attempting against any person's moral integrity or any other manifestation in violation of the law.
Upload on the company's websites files such as viruses, Trojan horses, worms, etc. that may attempt against third party's information, equipment or property.
STP is not responsible for the supervision of communication services supplied at its sites, such as chat rooms and discussion forums; however, it may do so at any moment, and it reserves itself the right to delete any material it may consider inappropriate.

Availability of communication sites and media does not make the company responsible for having them active at all times. Likewise, the company reserves itself the right to deny admission to any person or to suspend the service without previous notice for any reason whatsoever.

STP abides by any applicable regulation or law and reserves itself the right to refrain from disclosing any information it may consider damaging or upon request from competent authorities.

STP reserves itself the right to modify the privacy policy and terms of use of its websites. Users are responsible for verifying any amendment to the privacy policy and terms of use which are available for easy access at any website page.

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