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Hotel Villa Necchi Italy
Hotel Villa Necchi Italy

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Hotel Villa Necchi Italy

Villa Necchi Campiglio is tucked away in a small side street (Via Mozart) off the busy Corso Venezia, only a stone's throw from Milan's city centre. The villa was built in the early 1930s according to designs of Italian architect Piero Portaluppi for a family of wealthy industrialists. The villa is a beautiful example of modernist architecture and one can see that there was no expense spared in its design. The manicured garden also features one of the first private swimming pools in Milan and a tennis court that is currently being turned into a glass pavilion.

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  • Name: Hotels Hotel Villa Necchi Italy
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  • Type: Hotels
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STP Wood Flooring

Central offices & Factory Plant
C/ Olocau del rei, 3 D
(Transversal CV-20 Km 2.5)
Apdo.correos / P.O. Box 155.
12540 Vila-real / Castellón / Spain
Tel. (34) 964 785 121
Fax (34) 964 626 583
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